Online Jigsaw Puzzles of Tiles from Hyde Abbey

Most of the tiles found on the Hyde Abbey site are fragments.  Inspired by this we have created puzzles where the fragments have to be matched to known complete tiles. There are 3 levels of difficulty to try. Can you do them all? Click HERE to start

Instructions for doing the puzzle can be found by clicking the green box to the right of the jigsaw puzzle.

A step by step guide is given below.

The button will take you to the Epuzzle jigsaw puzzle website where the tile puzzles

have been set up. You should see a Hyde Abbey tile.

  1. Click on compose alone or together. A new window will pop-up.
  2. Click on pink play pink button. (It is optional to filling in nickname and country).
  3. Click on a tile segment you want to move to highlight a red border.
  4. Click on another tile segment square you want to move the highlighted square.

Keep doing this until the puzzle is complete.

Thirty-eight tile patterns have been identified, including plain tiles, from the Hyde Abbey site.