Build Your own Medieval Abbey

Will you help design a Medieval Abbey for Hyde? We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to design and build your own Medieval Abbey. Which you can access HERE
Use recycled materials or anything you think would be appropriate to use!
When you have built your Abbey, we would absolutely love to a picture of it. Click on the link Build your own Medieval Abbey to see the tutorial and instructions on where to send a photograph of your Abbey. Happy building!

Introduction to the task

Gather all the materials which you are planning to use and begin by drawing a design showing how you would like your finished building to look like. Ensure you have an adult to help you – it’s more fun to work together!

We have added lots of helpful pictures for this activity and links to two videos to show you how to make your very own Abbey. We do advise children to build this Abbey with an adult and hope you that you will enjoy the challenge.

You may also want to look at the 3D visualisation of the abbey

Once you have completed your Abbey, we would love to see it! Please ask your parent or guardian to take a photograph of your Abbey and send it to us:
a) By email [email protected] or
b) Via comments on our Facebook group or Instagram. Search for Hyde900 to find us; or
c) Via Twitter using #drawalfred, #kingalfred. Don’t forget to @hyde900org.

We can’t wait to see Medieval Abbeys of all shapes, sizes and colours! You may wish to put a modern twist on your Abbey or paint it in fun, bright colours!