6.2. Touring the Abbey



Hyde900 offers you a variety of ways of touring the sit.

Mike Craze takes you round the abbey site as it is today. The tour takes approximately 12 minutes. Edward Fennell, the founder of Hyde900 introduces the tour and provides a brief overview of the history of Hyde Abbey. Mike Craze then takes you around the site as it is today with information on what has been discovered about the Abbey, the different stones, capitals and timbers from the dissolution of the abbey. You can choose whether to view the complete tour, or to access individual locations.

To come soon is a virtual tour of Hyde Abbey and its site – there will be a complete tour, taking approximately 12 minutes, or you will be able to see the different segments making the full tour which can be downloaded at the different location points around the Hyde Abbey site. Abbot Aston will guide you around his Abbey with information snippets of the Benedictine lifestyle.

Also to come is an audio tour, which will feature enhanced descriptions for the visually impaired visitor.


6.2.1 Tour (The history of the Abbey) (coming soon)

coming soon

6.2.2 Contemporary video tour by Mike Craze

Following a short introduction by Edward Fennell, the founder of Hyde900, you will be taken around the precincts of Hyde Abbey in a 12 minute tour by local expert Mike Craze. You will learn what has been discovered about the Abbey architecturally and historically, featuring the different stones, capitals and timbers used in its construction.

The option is available of viewing the complete tour or accessing individual locations by clicking on a location blow.



6.2.3 Augmented reality tours (Abbot Aston's Guided Tour of the Medieval Abbey) (coming soon)

coming soon

6.2.4 Audio tour (A stroll around the Hyde Abbey precincts) (coming soon)

coming soon

6.2.5 Photo tours (Architectural and landscape features of the site) (coming soon)

coming soon

6.2.6 Guided walks (Bare ruin'd choirs) (coming soon)

coming soon

6.2.7 Guided walks (Breaking the rule) (coming soon)

coming soon