Hyde Abbey


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                            developed by Hyde900 with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

This website is dedicated to the story of Hyde Abbey and to the Anglo-Saxon kings – notably Alfred the Great – who were buried in this area of Hyde,  a suburb of Winchester, in the 12th century. You will find here historical, architectural, archaeological and other arts and cultural information to help you understand the significance of Hyde Abbey and the part it played in English history from its origins as ‘New Minster’ in the 10th century up to 1538 when it was dissolved by King Henry VIII.

You will be able to follow guided tours around the site to give you an insight into what it looks like today and in its heyday. And You will also be introduced to how Hyde900 continues to investigate what remains of the abbey both below and above the ground as well as scattered in records and archives both in Winchester and further afield.

So although the abbey was largely demolished in the 16th century its spirit lives on in the fabric of Hyde – if you know where to look!

To embody that spirit we have  brought back ‘Abbot Aston’ as your host in many parts of the site. Aston was an abbot of the monastery for more than two decades in the 13th century. We have selected him to be the embodiment of all the abbots and monks who were part of the abbey community across the centuries. We hope that you enjoy his company.

Hyde900 believes that the precincts of Hyde Abbey are a site of national historic significance. As you explore this website we hope that you will agree with us.