January 2021

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, let us hope it is a better one for us all. I am writing as the Acting Chair of Hyde900 just to make you aware of some new developments. 

  • We are working hard behind the scenes to plan an enjoyable and new series of events for 2021 which we very much hope you will enjoy. 
  • At the moment the provisional list includes
  • Community dig 2021, in the sun this time!
  • Introducing Hyde to Hyde a re-imagining of the very popular Hyde in Conversation evenings  , which  will feature some of the many interesting  residents of Hyde.
  • The conclusion of the very popular WW1 Soldiers project. 
  • An overdue party – last year was our 10th anniversary, so we will slide this in under the 10+1 heading and enjoy some music and  wine.
  • The King Alfred Weekend  KAW – approx. date – 23rd/ 24th October TBC ,which will amongst other things involve an update on the extraordinary medieval glass we found on this year’s Community dig 
  • A monthly   newsletter on the website. 
  • As a start we have had a great offer from Hampshire Archives Trust via the British Association For Local History ,  in the form of a discount code for their events for our members  which we will be sending to you all.

In delivering a programme that brings the community together we need your help. If past months have taught us anything it is surely that community and working together is an important part of our well being. It is important that we plan events that you WANT. With this in mind please see below contact details for the exec. If you would like to join us please contact our  secretary for new  members – Susan Jones or apply direct through the tab on the website under ‘Themes ‘ on the Home page. However member or  not, we would  welcome your thoughts on any new event or indeed your active support in any one of these project strands.

Hyde 900 – Present Key Officers and Leads of Projects as of Jan 2021

Acting Chair

Caroline Scott 


Rose Burns


Richard and Ianthe Yoxall


(This includes all Community Digs up to 2020)

David Spurling


Mike  Caldwell


Caroline Scott


Richard Steedman

New Members Contact

Susan Jones

Introducing Hyde to Hyde

(a revisioning of Hyde in Conversation for 2021)

Susan Jones

Arts and Press officers


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Latest News – February

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Did the Hyde900 2020 Community Dig discover the abbot’s lodging?

Want to know more about the background to the archaeology of Hyde Abbey?

Did you miss Patrick Ottaway’s talk on King Alfred of Wessex at the King Alfred weekend?

Heritage Open Day Medieval Tile Making Progress Report

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Dig Participant Guide

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Please click HERE to access the Dig Participant Guide

Please click HERE for the 2020 Hyde900 Community Dig Site Map

We would recommend that you join Hyde900 as this will enable you be alerted to future digs – and the many other exciting events put on by Hyde900.

For more information about participating in the dig click here

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Hyde900 have organised a further community dig event to take place October 22nd to 25th to coincide with the Council of British Archaeology Festival of Archaeology and Hyde900’s annual King Alfred Weekend. Extensive COVID-19 mitigation measures are in place to make this as safe an experience as possible, and the dig meets government guidelines in full. However local and national guidelines may change at any time prior to the dig which might lead to its postponement. In this case all those booked will be contacted immediately.

Due to these restrictions the number of places on the dig this year is severely restricted, so we advise booking as soon as possible.

The cost per 2 hour session is £12 unless you are a member of Hyde900, in which case the cost is £8Children 11 and under are free.

Membership of Hyde900 costs £10/year for individual members£15/year for households.

We would recommend that you join Hyde900 as this will enable you be alerted to future digs – and the many other exciting events put on by Hyde900.

The history of Hyde Abbey and the 2020 Hyde900 Community Dig: an introduction by Professor Martin Biddle

Please note the following additional points in respect of any booking
  • Should the dig have to be postponed, your fees will be refunded on request, or held over against any a booking at a future Hyde900 event
  • Any participant under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and will need to be booked in.
  • You will receive a confirmation of booking following completion of your booking(s).
  • There are certain COVID-19 measures which are requirements of attendance at the dig. These include the need to wear face coverings unless the participants are under 12 years old or have particular health conditions.
  • A further confirmation of booking will be sent 4 days in advance of the start of the dig with detailed instructions on the need for Covid-19 precautions together with joining instructions

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You can still learn about archaeology and be trained in finds processing – unless there are further changes to government guidelines!

As you will be aware, from Monday 14th September new regulations have been introduced, restricting social gatherings to no  more than 6 people, both inside and outside. Unless government guidelines change, we are planning to operate the dig as four or five separate and independant events, each with Covid-19 mitigation measures in place to protect both the participants taking part and the volunteers organising and managing the dig.

We want to reassure you that we are taking all possible precautions to make the sites as safe as possible and look forward to seeing you on site soon.

We hope very much to be able to offer an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in the dig with many opportunities such as excavating, finds processing and logging finds.

To be kept informed on the dig and other exciting Hyde900 projects, you can register HERE .

Digging under way on a recent dig
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