The Stones of Hyde Abbey – the 2013 exhibition

Below we reproduce the exhibition created for Hyde900, telling the story of the Stones of Hyde Abbey. It is available on pop-up banners; if you would like to display it, please contact us.

This exhibition was displayed in St Bartholomew’s Church in 2013.

For more about the origins of the stones and an update on what we’ve found, see the 2014 exhibition.

To read each panel, click on the pictures below. Alternatively you can download the complete set as a single PDF file here.

Board 1 (PDF)

Board 1

Board 2

Board 2

Board 3 (PDF)

Board 3

Board 4 (PDF)

Board 4

Board 5 (PDF)

Board 5

Board 6 (PDF)

Board 6

Board 7 (PDF)

Board 7

Board 8 (PDF)

Board 8