Hyde poetry

Last summer, the Literature group went outdoors for three events in the open air – one in Hyde Gate, one in Hyde Abbey Garden and one on the move, walking around Winchester. One of the group’s regulars, Kevin Barrett, has written two poems inspired by these events. He read them out for the first time at December’s ‘Third Thursday literature night in the Hyde Tavern. He’s kindly given us permission to reproduce them here.

Literature night in Hyde Gate

Summer at the Abbey

 Ravens have flown

From old stone

We side step

The shadows.

Sonnets and myth

Melding with chants

Of plain song.

The garden

In the long slow twilight

Still dripping with rain

When restless monks

Leave their graves.

K.J.  Barrett.  December 2012

Hyde Walks

The stones are decorated

With shades of melancholy.

The monk in black habit

Climbs the stairway

To a monastery

Built from clouds,

The bird with the shattered wing

Closes the door

On the fairy tale.

Did she gaze at magnolias

In the thin sunlight

Wondering what lies beyond.

Broken angels

Fall in fragments

From a window of stained glass,

And in the gathering darkness

When the lamps are lit

We hear again the widow’s cry.

K.J.  Barrett.  17th December.  2012.