Map of the archaeology in the Hyde Abbey precinct

Hyde Abbey outline and buildings

Green boxes are area of previous archaeological investigations, and the pink boxes are the location of trenches dug during those digs. (Image data courtesy of Winchester City Council and the Hampshire Cultural Trust.  Actual positions of trenches, buildings and abbey curtilage approximate)

8 Alswitha Terrace

Image courtesy of Hampshire Cultural Trust 8 Alswitha Terrace.
Some of the items from 8 Alswitha Terrace discovered during a Watching Brief carried out by Souterrain Archaeological Services Ltd during work on an extension to the house.

The dig comprised two one metre square test pits, and was supported by WARG, who provided the supervisory and recording expertise, and by David Ashby, at the University of Winchester’s Archaeology department, who has directed over 40 test pit projects in Oxford. It had the approval of the Winchester City Council  Archaeologist.

The aim was to maximise local community involvement, including Winchester residents and local schools – in so far that this was possible in the small garden.

Apart from the local participation and learning objectives, the archaeological objectives were to identify the location and properties of the south end of the south transept of the abbey church, and any adjacent buildings. It was hoped that the pits and any finds would add to our understanding of the abbey and its history.For further information please contact David Spurling at [email protected] or on 07831 618746

See Edward Fennell’s introduction to Hyde Abbey outline and buildings