Website report on the Hyde900 2022 Community digs

datePosted on 12:50, February 12th, 2024


2022 was the sixth year of the Hyde900 programme of community digs exploring the site of the church and cloisters of Hyde Abbey, final resting place of Alfred the Great. The excavations, which commenced in 2016, took place in the gardens of residents of Hyde, and could not have taken place without their generous assistance and the support of the advisors to the programme, Dr David Ashby (University of Winchester), Dr Dave Stewart and Dr John Crook. To date over 600 volunteers of all ages have taken part in the programme.

The 2022 programme comprised two digs and was supported by a grant from local estate agents Belgarum, with graphic design from Adam Architecture and the loan of equipment from Winchester Archaeological and Local History Society (WARG)

Enthusiastic volunteers at the August dig

The history of the abbey and the excavations and interventions relative to the Hyde900 Community Digs programme, and a summary of the 2016 to2018 digs, has been published recently. (1) The gardens in the 2022 programme revealed a 12th century water culvert, medieval walls and other structures plus a large number of finds. These included Roman pottery, medieval tiles and other building materials, as well as a large number of oyster shells and animal bones which have yet to be analysed.
A fuller report on the 2022 dig will be available shortly (2)

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