January 2021

datePosted on 15:23, February 13th, 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR, let us hope it is a better one for us all. I am writing as the Acting Chair of Hyde900 just to make you aware of some new developments. 

  • We are working hard behind the scenes to plan an enjoyable and new series of events for 2021 which we very much hope you will enjoy. 
  • At the moment the provisional list includes
  • Community dig 2021, in the sun this time!
  • Introducing Hyde to Hyde a re-imagining of the very popular Hyde in Conversation evenings  , which  will feature some of the many interesting  residents of Hyde.
  • The conclusion of the very popular WW1 Soldiers project. 
  • An overdue party – last year was our 10th anniversary, so we will slide this in under the 10+1 heading and enjoy some music and  wine.
  • The King Alfred Weekend  KAW – approx. date – 23rd/ 24th October TBC ,which will amongst other things involve an update on the extraordinary medieval glass we found on this year’s Community dig 
  • A monthly   newsletter on the website. 
  • As a start we have had a great offer from Hampshire Archives Trust via the British Association For Local History ,  in the form of a discount code for their events for our members  which we will be sending to you all.

In delivering a programme that brings the community together we need your help. If past months have taught us anything it is surely that community and working together is an important part of our well being. It is important that we plan events that you WANT. With this in mind please see below contact details for the exec. If you would like to join us please contact our  secretary for new  members – Susan Jones or apply direct through the tab on the website under ‘Themes ‘ on the Home page. However member or  not, we would  welcome your thoughts on any new event or indeed your active support in any one of these project strands.

Hyde 900 – Present Key Officers and Leads of Projects as of Jan 2021

Acting Chair

Caroline Scott 


Rose Burns


Richard and Ianthe Yoxall


(This includes all Community Digs up to 2020)

David Spurling


Mike  Caldwell


Caroline Scott


Richard Steedman

New Members Contact

Susan Jones

Introducing Hyde to Hyde

(a revisioning of Hyde in Conversation for 2021)

Susan Jones

Arts and Press officers


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