Activity Packs (July 2020)

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have put together a range of free online resources and downloadable activities for adults and children to enjoy at home or on a walk (tours). More activities will be added regularly, for example, educational worksheets, jigsaws, stories, quizzes and craft activities. We hope you enjoy them!

A Tour Around Hyde

Download the pack and see how much of the stonework from Hyde Abbey you can spot in your tour of the abbey precincts. The tour starts at the bottom of King Alfred Terrace

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A Tale of Two Colours

Hyde Abbey was opened in 1110 and used as a place to live and worship for over 400 years. Like most homes or workplaces, the buildings needed to have a floor covering. Medieval floors could be made of dirt, wood, stone, or clay tiles similar to what you might find in your bathroom. A popular type of floor tile in wealthy monasteries is what is known as the encaustic tile. How were they made and where did the material originate?

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It is a Panel Game

We know encaustic floor tiles were used to decorate the floors of Hyde Abbey, but we do not know how. They were decorated with designs the meanings of which would have been well known to people at the time. How did Hyde Abbey floors compare to what we find in other Abbeys and monasteries?

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Teacher’s Pack (Design and Technology)

An opportunity and a challenge to design your own 2020 version of Hyde Abbey. For reference, to guide you in this task you might like to use the Section of Hyde Abbey on this website. There are a number of relevant descriptive texts and some 3D representations

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Teacher’s Pack (Mathematics)

A popular Maths game for 2or 4 people which helps with Maths skills around grids and grid referencing, this time linked with Medieval treasure. Can you find your opponents treasure?

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Teacher’s Pack (Literacy)

An activity to add knowledge of subject specific words and use them in a creative process. The text used can be a base of a number of questions about insight into Saxon life and also contains vocabulary which will need to be researched.

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