Resources (work in progress)

Handy media resources and guidelines for the Hyde900 brand.


Wherever possible, use the vector versions of the logo for branding. Graphic designers will know what to do with these. They are re-sizeable to any size and can be put against any background without any loss of quality.

Where this isn’t possible (e.g. if you’re preparing a Word document) use the bitmap versions. These are of different sizes. If using in a print document, bear in mind that printing is normally done at 330 dot per inch (Ddpi). Broadly speaking, if an image is 900 pixels wide, it will reproduce well when printed at any size up to 3 inches wide (3 x 300 dots). If you try and use it at a larger size than 3 inches wide, it will look fuzzy and grainy. Don’t do it!

Use the new “horizontal” version of the logo where possible. The old “vertical” one should only be used in exceptional circumstances where it fits the overall design better (i.e. almost never).

Never, never, squash or distort the logo! It is very easy to do this by accident, so make sure you don’t. (In many software packages, if you’re trying to change its side by dragging the corner in, you’ll fuind that by holding down the “shift” key while you drag will ensure that the logo keeps the right proportions.)

Dark blue is the colour of the logo. We’ve never specified exactly which shade of dark blue, but it’s dark. We do occasionally use it in other colours, but not often. A blue-on-transparent version is provided: this may work better in designs where the dark blue rectangle looks too “heavy”.

The font used in the logo is Perpetua Titling (as found on all Windows PCs).


hyde900 horizontal banner 2

Large bitmap banner, suitable for use in printed documents up to 10 inches (25 cm) wide.


hyde900 horizontal banner for graphic design – PDF

Hyde900 old style logo – PDF

Hyde900 old style logo - GIF format. Usable in documents at up to 3 inches wide.

Hyde900 old style logo – GIF format. Usable in documents at up to 3 inches wide.