4.1 Archaeology of the Abbey site


The Hyde Abbey site is located to the east of Hyde Street, and largely to the east of the Roman road which followed a similar route to the modern road. The area has been subject to numerous archaeological explorations from 1788 to the current day. The area is now covered by largely Victorian or later buildings, mainly residential in nature. This required several service trenches which have to some extent added to the understanding of the area. The locations and extent of these interventions have been superimposed on a satellite image of the area. (Fig 4.1a Pre 1285 HA precinct)

The archaeology being considered is that bounded by the outer curtilage of the Hyde Abbey at the time of the Dissolution in 1539. The abbey prior to 1285 was confined to the area of the inner and outer courts (Fig 4.1b Post 1285 HA precinct). After acquisition of additional land around St Bartolomews church it was extended to include the outer court. The archaeology that remains today (2017) has been severely affected by the fact that the area is now largely covered by high density housing built in the period 1863 to date.(Fig 4.1c Modern development of Hyde Abbey site).

One of the major excavations of the abbey site was the 1995-99 Community dig  exploring areas adjacent to the abbey church. The trenches included those in the vicinity of the abbey gatehouse, the abbey mill and the abbey guesthouse. However the major excavations were located at the east end of the abbey church. The results of these are shortly to be published by the Hampshire Cultural Trust through a grant from Historic England.

A local resident, Barbara Hall, took a series of photographs of these digs, together with a set which recorded the design and construction of a garden, designed by renowned garden designer Kim Wilkie, which reflected the design of the east end of the church as revealed in the community digs. Through her generosity, and courtesy of a grant from Hampshire Archives Trust (www.hampshirearchivestrust.co.uk) the photographs have now been digitised by Hampsire Record Office (https://www.hants.gov.uk/librariesandarchives/archives) They can be accessed via the 1995-99 Hyde Abbey Community Excavations and Hyde Abbey Gardens links.

4.1.1 18th and 19th century (coming soon) 1866 Mellor Hyde Abbey (coming soon)

coming soon 1897 Bowker (coming soon)

coming soon

4.1.2 1900 to 1949 (coming soon) 1929 S Ward-Evans (coming soon)

coming soon 1930 S Ward-Evans (coming soon)

coming soon

4.1.3 1950 to 1969 (coming soon) 1952 Gordon Road Electricuty Station (coming soon)

coming soon 1954 82HS Site 720 82 Hyde Streetcoming soon)

coming soon

4.1.4 1970 to 1979 (coming soon) 1972 HA72 (coming soon)

coming soon 1972 KAT72 Drainage ditch (coming soon)

coming soon 1972 WARG Hyde Abbey Barn (coming soon)

coming soon 1973 8KAP 73 Tile finds (2) (coming soon)

coming soon 1973 KAT 73 metalled surface by mill stream (coming soon)

coming soon 1973 KATW 73 Water main (coming soon)

coming soon 1974 HA74 Hyde abbey precinct W boundary (coming soon)

coming soon 1974 KAP74 Drain nr Hyde Gate (coming soon)

coming soon

4.1.5 1980 to 1989 1980 HAB80 75 Hyde st (coming soon)

coming soon 1980 KAP80 Gas trench opp Alswitha Terrace

Summary  Winchester Museums (HCT) Archives 1980

In March 1980 a gas trench, cut along the roadway of King Alfred Place, was observed by Archaeology Office staff.

At a point opposite the western side of 9 Alswitha Terrace, the bottom course of a wall was observed in the north section of the trench at a depth of about 0.5m below the road surface; this extended 2.3m to the west. The wall, of chalk lumps in pale buff mortar, rested on a rammed chalk foundation which extended for about 19m to the west.  This wall may possibly have been part of Hyde Abbey Church, or the 18th century Bridewell built on its site.

Source F2 store 1982 KAT 82 Gas trench (coming soon)

coming soon 1983 SBS83 N hyde church lane (coming soon)

coming soon 1988-9 KAP88 King Alfreds Place Eng works (coming soon)

coming soon

4.1.6 1990 to 1999 (coming soon) 1990 KAP90 Hyde St to E end Alswitha Terr BT trench (coming soon)

coming soon 1994 HA94 Hyde Abbey gate (coming soon)

coming soon 1994 KAT94 Gordon Road sub station (coming soon)

coming soon 1997 HA97 (coming soon)

coming soon

4.1.7 2000 to 2009 (coming soon) 2009 AY417 watching brief 8 Alswitha Terrace (coming soon)

4.1.8 2010 onwards (coming soon)

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