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Hyde Abbey – The Lost Minister of King Alfred The Great

For over six hundred years after his death in 899 AD. KING ALFRED lay buried in Winchester,
First, in NEW MINSTER near the site of the current cathedral. Later between 1110 and 1538 in HYDE ABBEY, a Benedictine monastery, just outside the city walls.

These were both great and beautiful churches, a destination for pilgrims and sites of historic events.

Then, during the Reformation, HYDE ABBEY was dissolved and its buildings largely demolished.
But it was not entirely forgotten. It is now a site of national significance as the last resting place of two of England’s most significant Anglo-Saxon kings.

During 2017 Hyde900 (a community-based heritage group) with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, will be organising an exciting series of events and activities to expand understanding of HYDE ABBEY. More information about these can be found on the links below.

Towards the end of the year this website will expand to provide a home for a wide range of information, guides and resources dedicated to telling the story of HYDE ABBEY and explaining what is known about its architecture and archaeology. It will also give the historical background to ALFRED THE GREAT and his son EDWARD THE ELDER and the important legacy which they left.

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