The Story Of The County Bridewell 

28 Oct 2018, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Hyde Parish Hall

This is  a free lecture; please book your place in advance.

A presentation by Dr. Helen Paul, University of Southampton. The Winchester County Bridewell was built to serve the county of Hampshire as a prison located on the site of the old Hyde Abbey. (There was another Bridewell for Winchester itself). It was designed as part of the prison reform movement at the the end of the 18th century to accommodate both male and female inmates, primarily petty offenders, in a humane prison system. Detailed rules were laid down about how the prison was meant to function and how the inmates were to be supervised and occupied. However, over time the initial high expectations were frequently betrayed and abuses crept in. Besides which many of the convicts had tragic personal stories to tell. In some cases mothers and children alike died in the prison and were buried in the St. Bart’s graveyard. The Bridewell building itself has almost entirely disappeared but it leaves extensive traces in the archives. In this talk, we shall rediscover some of the lost stories of the County Bridewell.

King Alfred Weekend Programme


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