The Dissolution of the Monasteries in Hampshire

28 Sep 2017, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: West Side Lecture Theatre, School of Art, Park Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8DL


28 September 2017 – Thursday

The Dissolution of the Monasteries in Hampshire
Speaker: Dr. John Hare (Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries)

The Dissolution of the Monasteries saw both the most extensive redistribution of land since the Norman Conquest and, for many people, was one of the most dramatic episodes in the English Reformation. This talk will look at both these developments: the state of the monasteries on the eve of the Dissolution, what was done with the buildings, and the impact on landownership. It will focus on two case studies: of Hyde abbey and of Thomas Wriothesley. The latter was the greatest beneficiary of the land transfer in Hampshire, who briefly held Hyde, and the remains of whose great house at Titchfield still provides a dramatic reminder of the impact of the Dissolution and of the creation of a new great aristocratic family.



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