April 26 – Set Up Day

datePosted on 16:32, April 26th, 2018

All set for the dig tomorrow

Last-minute preparations for the dig are now complete. Tools and equipment have been brought onto the sites, turf coverings are down, frames have been made to protect the gardens from the bags of heavy soil that come out of the ground and final decisions have been made about the locations of the trenches.

Get a taste of how things went on set-up day in this video:

Final preparations

David and the dig supervisors raise their teacups to the coming dig


3.50pm. Preparations are just about complete for the start of the dig tomorrow morning. David Spurling and the team from WARG who will be supervising the diggers talk over the plans for the weekend.



No.10 King Alfred Terrace – Positions of three trenches marked out with pegs

2.30pm. Last minute preparations for an early start tomorrow are underway. The probing and discussions are over and the final positions for tomorrow’s trenches are marked out, ready for the digging to start.


Shovels, buckets, bags, barrows have all been brought in, ready for the morning. Quiet reigns… for the moment.


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