Preparations are under way for the community dig (27th – 30th April)

datePosted on 21:33, March 26th, 2018

Householder Chris Scott (right) brings the probing team a very welcome cup of tea

Exciting preparations have been taking place in King Alfred Terrace in readiness for next month’s community dig. Ground probing in the gardens of houses number 15 and 10 has revealed tantalising results. A metal probe, inserted into the soil at intervals to measure the depth to a hard surface below and to take tiny samples at that level, has turned up evidence of mortar and imported stone in the proposed dig area at number 15.

In the garden of number 10 probing revealed a firm surface over 70% of the area, 40cm below the soil surface, much of which contains clear traces of buried mortar. It’s too early to speculate about exactly what this could mean but it has certainly made everyone involved in planning the dig very eager to see what is down there.


Dig host Chris Prior moves his shed in preparation for the Hyde900 dig

Meanwhile, at number 14, householder Chris Prior has nobly moved his shed in order to allow Hyde900 to excavate the area below it. The shed stood immediately adjacent to where spectacular stones from a Norman cloister arch (called abaci and voussoirs) were uncovered within part of a wall from the medieval abbey during last year’s dig. The chance of finding more of these stunning carved stones or other equally wonderful artefacts buried beneath Chris’s shed was too exciting to pass up. Hyde900 is extremely grateful to Chris for moving it in order to make it possible to continue the excavation of the medieval wall, not to mention his volunteering to spend the Easter weekend removing the concrete slab.

For full details of plans for the dig – and the results of last year’s dig – download the illustrated Dig Proposal here.

To book to take part in this year’s dig, please click here.

For the dig location and public parking details please click here.

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