Rediscovering Hyde Abbey

datePosted on 09:41, November 21st, 2017

2018 Hyde900 Community Dig  

This year’s Hyde900 dig at 14 and 15 King Alfred Terrace (courtesy of Chris and Ann Prior and Justine Field) yielded finds exceeding all expectations. Justine’s garden yielded a minute “Christmas Pudding Doll” – put in Christmas puddings in Victorian times – whilst Chris and Ann’s garden Norman stonework “of international importance” (Professor Biddle, Professor of Archaeology, University of Oxford)

The display features the voussoirs (wedge shaped stones) and an abacus (sitting above the capital) which match with the capital and springer stone from the abbey unveiled to an invited audience in St Bartholomews’s Church at the King Alfred Weekend.

Hyde900 are delighted that the 2018 community dig can return to these gardens to complete the exploration of this key area of the abbey’s cloisters. In addition we will be putting test pits in an additional garden, 10 King Alfred Terrace, by kind permission of Chris Scott. Those interested in taking part will be able to register their interest via this website shortly.

In the meantime may we thank those of you who succeeded in voting for the Aviva grant. We reached just over 1000 votes, and will be informed as to whether we were successful on January 16 2018


We hope to see you at the dig – April 27 to 30.

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